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this is a pug friendly blog

slowlysuffocatingsoul replied to your photo “my new prescription & my new pyjamas ♥”

I think you forgot your bra! It’s all good, I’ve got 3 of them 👊🙊🙉🙈

>wearing a bra to sleep
>who actually does that

oh my holy fuck. the odds of that being some ‘thin privileged’ american girl with a guilt complex just sky rocketed

idgi what do you mean

Harper’s Bazaar September 2013 | Ph: Richard Burbridge
Anonymous: What do you think about the thisisthinprivilege tumblr?

whilst thinner people are at a definite societal advantage in that everyone admires and wants to be them, i cannot support a blog that says shit like this:


// Evening Standard Newspaper

*types two words into google and screencaps autocomplete results* HEY GUYS LOOK I MADE A POEM


Wait a minute… If that’s MY aesthetic… And that’s YOUR aesthetic… THEN WHO’S FLYING THE カセットコレクターボックスは420面を設定

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